Mystery Millionaire

Drama, Lifestyle, Romance, Dating

For these six millionaires, the world really is their oysters – fancy cars, fine dining, five-star travel – and yet, the one thing they crave the most is out of reach: a genuine woman to share all the luxuries with. How good can the good life be if you don’t share it with someone you love? Here’s where “Mystery Millionaire” comes to help. Wealthy bachelors (and one bachelorette!) go undercover as average singles in search of their soul mates. They’ll trade their apartments and homes for smaller, run-down addresses, and ditch the Armani suits for jeans and a t-shirt. And those high salaries? They’ll survive on a much lower income and go on simpler -and sometimes free- dates. From the team behind Undercover Boss, the show follows a format designed to help millionaires make a real connection – quickly! Each episode, the featured millionaire will go on three blind dates, and then decide which lucky lady he’d like to pursue. After a group date with friends (and some sexy, romantic one-on-one), the millionaire will decide if he wants to move forward with the could-be relationship. If they are smitten, they must reveal their true identity to their partner. Can this white lie be overlooked or will dishonesty end the love affair before it ever begins?
Network: We tv
Country: US
First Airdate: May/30/2014
Episode Listing
01 Season 1 - Click for episodes EST 2019
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