TMDB 7.8 / 10 by 35 votes

‘Vicious’ is a comedy series featuring ageing partners, Freddie (Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi), two gay men who have lived together in a small Covent Garden flat for the past 50 years. Their lives now mainly consist of reading books, walking their dog and arguing with one another. Created by Gary Janetti and Mark Ravenhill, the series explores the love/hate relationship of a couple together for 48 years. Receiving mixed reviews, the series pushes the envelope with its comedic dialog.
Network: itv
Country: UK
First Airdate: Apr/29/2013
Status: Ended
Episode Listing
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01 Season 1 - Click for episodes
02 Season 2 - Click for episodes
03 Season 3 - Click for episodes EST 2019
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